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Connected Culture

Experiencing Conversation as Process

Posted by Connected Culture on 30 January 2014

We are in the middle of the roundtables for Connected Conversations, Passing it On and thought we would create a blog between us in the form of a conversation on how these roundtables…

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Mike White

Connected Conversations Thinkers Roundtable

Posted by Mike White on 21 January 2014

Links and inspirations The blog at The Centre for Medical Humanities in Durham is a fount of information on medical humanities' challenge to the medical establishment…

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Arti Prashar

Connected Conversations roundtables

Posted by Arti Prashar on 18 January 2014

What inspires me is human suffering and despite that being able to still laugh and be creative. The sharing of life stories and desires and passion. Watching people discover another…

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Connected Culture

“Engaged, Community and Participatory Arts: Vernacular Practice for a Networked Age?”

Posted by Connected Culture on 17 January 2014

"Radical imagination begins with a move beyond complaint and resistance, beyond reactive tinkering or hunkering down or cynical accommodation. The first big move is an alternative picture…

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Arts and Society

Taking Chances with Conversations

Posted by Arts and Society on 08 January 2014

“A casual conversation requires skill to become a meaningful conversation” Richard Sennett, Together I have been thinking about this quote as Dominic Campbell and I set…

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Connected Culture

Connected Conversations; Passing It On - An Introduction

Posted by Connected Culture on 08 January 2014

Welcome to the first of a series of posts related to Connected Conversations; Passing It On. These are a sequence of roundtables co-curated by Jocelyn Cunningham of Arts and Society…

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